Know about the various features of C#

With the beginning of the .NET framework, Microsoft incorporated a new language called C # (pronounced C Sharp). C # is designed to be an easy, modern, general-purpose, object-oriented programming languageand make use of key concepts from several other languages, especially Java.

C # could in theory be compiled into machine code, but in real life, it is always used in grouping with the .NET framework. As a result, applications written in C # need the .NET Framework to be installed on the computer running the application. While the .NET Framework makes it feasible to use a broad range of languages, C # is occasionally called THE .NET language, perhaps because it was designed mutually with the framework.

C # is an object-oriented language and does not propose functions or global variables. Everything is enfolding in classes, even simple types such as int and string, which take over from the System.Object class.

C # is a current, secure, object-oriented programming language that allows programmers to create solutions quickly and easily for the Microsoft .NET platform.

Main characteristics of c #

A. Simple

1. The pointers are missing in C #.
2. Unsafe operations, like as direct memory manipulation, are not allowed.
3. In C # there is no use of the operators "::" or "->".
4. Since it is in .NET, it inherits the characteristics of automatic memory management and garbage collection.
5. Different ranges of primitive types such as Integers, Floats, etc.
6. The integer values of 0 and 1 are no longer received as Boolean values. Boolean values are true or false values in C #, so there are no more errors of the "=" operator and the "==" operator.
7. "==" is required for the comparison operation and "=" is used for the assignment operation.

B. Modern

1. C # has been based on the recent trend and is very controlling and easy to create interoperable, scalable and robust applications.
2. C # includes integrated support to convert any component in a web service that can be invoked over the Internet from a few application that runs on any platform.

C. Oriented object

1. C # carries data encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism, interfaces.
2. (int, float, double) are objects which are not in java but C # has launches structures (structures) that allow primitive types to become objects.
int i = 1;
string a = i Tostring (); // conversion (o) Boxing

D. Secure type

1. In C # programmer cannot perform unsafe conversions such as converting double to boolean.
2. Value types (primitive types) are initialized in zeros and the reference types (objects and classes) are initially to null by the compiler automatically.
3. The matrices are indexed on a zero basis and are marked with a limit.
4. Type overflow can be verified.

E. Interoperability

1. C # contains native support for COM and Windows based applications.
2. Allow restricted use of native pointers.
3. Users no longer have to explicitly implement unknown interfaces and other COM interfaces, those features are integrated.
4. C # allows users to use pointers as insecure code blocks to manipulate their previous code.
5. VB NET components and other managed code languages can be used directly in C #.

F. Scalable and up-to-date

1. .NET has initiate assemblies that self-describe through their manifesto. Manifesto establishes the identity, the version, the culture and the digital signature of the assembly, etc. Assemblies do not need to register anywhere.
2. To scale the specific application, programmers delete old files and update them with new ones. There is no dynamic link library record.
3. Updating software components is a bug-prone task. Revisions made to the code. Can affect the existing program C # supports versions in the language. The native support for the interfaces and the substitution of methods allows complex paintings to be developed and developed over time.

Advantages of C#

C # is elegant and secure; it is object-oriented and is helpful to create a series of robust and elegant applications that run on the .NET Framework and beyond.C # is one of the mainly acceptable programming languages, organized and popular in the world of programming. C # has been documented as one of the most influential and powerful programming languages. It is one of the supported languages and completesthe tasks effortlessly and has a good performance.

1. Object oriented language
C # is a purely object-oriented language, this allows programmer to create modular applications and reusable codes. This is the main advantages of C # over C ++.

2. Automatic garbage collection
C # has a very efficient system to remove and eliminate all the garbage present in the system. C # does not create a disaster in the system and the system is not blocked during execution.

3. No problem if the memory loss
C # has a great advantage of a strong memory backup. There would be no difficulty of memory loss and other problems of this type in the C # as in the case of the C ++ language. In this case, C # has a very clear advantage in all other languages.
4. Easy development

Rich class libraries make many functions simple to implement. C # has manipulated on most of the world's programmers and has a history in the world of programming.

5. Cross platform
An application will work fine only if the machine has installed the NET framework. This is the major important requirement for the C #. In addition, this could be a significant opportunity for young programmers to train them with the .NET Framework.

6. Better integration
The applications written in .NET will have a better integration and interoperability with other NET Technologies. in fact, C # runs on CLR, which facilitates integration with components written in other languages (specifically, languages supported by CLR)

7. More readable coding
Formalized concept of methods of obtaining sets, so that the codes become more readable. In C #,programmer do not need to be bothered about the header files. The coding would be a value to do in C #.

8. The shortage of options.
When programmers are on the Microsoft stack, they have a tool for everything. So, on the whole, they combine their needs with the tool and use it. That's why majorly programmers recommend that C # be a special support language for beginners.

C # is a modern, secure, object-oriented programming language that allows programmers to create solutions quickly and easily for the Microsoft .NET platform.


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