What Exactly is a Smart Backpack?

Who doesn’t love a well-designed backpack? A good one can be both functional and fashionable. It can also provide ample room to stow your daily gear, protect your valuables, and make even your most frustrating travel session more enjoyable.

But did you know that it’s possible to get a pack that is smarter, more efficient and offers a variety of cool features? It’s true. Such packs are called smart backpacks, and functionally they’re not much different from a conventional pack outside of several unique features.

What is a Smart Backpack?

In short, a smart backpack is nothing more than a pack that has been outfitted with advanced or more connected features.

Take the Lifepack Anti-Theft Backpack, for example. It’s a travel bag, that also includes an embedded solar charging panel and connected power bank. While you’re wearing it or taking a break, it can charge your electronics through the power bank. It also features integrated Bluetooth speakers so you can play some music or podcasts on the go.

Of course, these features aren’t exactly what you’d consider necessary but there’s no question that they elevate the usability of your average pack and make them much more accessible. That’s exactly what a smart product is meant to do.

Why Would You Want One?

Admittedly, if you have no use for some of the extra functionality then a regular backpack will do just fine. Most smart backpacks offer the best support to regular travelers or business professionals. A secure and protected RFID pocket, for example, will help keep valuables, credit cards and cash safe from potential thieves.

Then there’s the matter of weather and elements protection that most smart bags offer. Whether offered through full-on water-resistance or damage repellant fabric these bags are generally much more durable than the average pack you might find on a department store shelf.

Some of the best smart backpacks such as NOMATIC, Tylt, Kopack and Lifepack include additional — sometimes random — features that can improve daily life. Lifepack includes a retractable lock that works similar to a bike lock, allowing you to secure the bag to a permanent structure or object. Tylt comes with multiple USB ports connected to a power pack so you can charge more than one device at a time. NOMATIC has a waist strap for extra back support when carrying heavy loads, a dirty laundry bag, and an optional duffel-style carry mode.

The point is that smart backpacks are more tailored to your individual use, and you can select one that has the features you need. Don’t want the portable power bank but need water-resistant material? No problem! Want to access the laptop pocket separately yet still keep your computer safe? Also possible.

It stands to reason that smart backpacks are so much more useful than your average pack. It’s a wonder why anyone would bother investing money in regular, dumb bags given the choice between the two.

Perhaps, the best part is that most of these bags look normal to the untrained eye so it’s not like they end up being more of a target to potential thieves. In fact, some of them offer additional protection to thwart the baddies — as is the case with Lifepack’s retractable lock.

Now that you’re more informed we have but one final question for you. What are you waiting for?


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