How to Embed any Webpage Using HTML iFrame

Are you looking for an iFrame code or iFrame creator? Do you want to embed a webpage to your site or blog or blog post? Here is the best solution for you to make it done easily. Yes, Sometime we need to embed a live webpage to our blog post so that we can show that webpage live on our post page and user can easily explore it right from your blog post.

Just like we add pictures or a screenshot of any webpage, iFrame will allow you to add that actual webpage to your blog post and even you can change its height, width etc. Isn't it amazing? Yeah it is!

So, To make an iFrame, You must be familiar with HTML coding right?


We have an iFrame Generator which will help you to create an iFrame within just a minute. No HTML coding knowledge required!

So, Let's get started!

How to Create an iFrame?

Just follow the simple steps given below to make an iFrame and Embed any webpage to your blog post:

Go to the iFrame Generator page
Fill the required data into the form
Click on "Preview" to see actually it looks
Click "Generate" to generate HTML iframe code
Copy and paste the code to your blog post and you're done!

If you have any question feel free to ask by commenting below. :) 


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