How to generate sales with a high converting landing page

The online face of your business is the ‘Landing page’ and we want that the face of your business must be a smiling one. The landing page is the one which takes into the random users as well as turns them into the customer of your business, which generates the sales.The landing page is the most important tool for marketing your business and turning the leads into the sales of the product.No matter whether you have a Facebook landing page or the one embedded in your website, optimizing the landing page helps in generating the sales for the business from 10 percent to 50 percent. Here we will brief you about the what is landing page followed by how you can create one and how to generate sales with a high converting landing page.

What is a landing page?

A landing page is the exact what is sounds, means when the traffic turns to your website, it lands on the landing page. This traffic can be from anywhere, through syndication, advertising, searching, inbound-outbound marketing efforts or from any sources. If we need to ensure that the traffic turning to your business website must generate the sales, then it is important to work on the optimization level of the landing page. This action can include anything, from a free trail of the service, to the immediate product purchase, from giving the email address to the RSS feed subscription and many others. And now, we would move further talking about how to create a landing page.

How to create a landing page?

We have two main approaches for creating a landing page, which includes, manually by yourself or by hiring a professional web developer/ engaging in a third-party tool, like Wishpond. The optimal level of the landing page is a never-ending process, which includes the constant adjustments, testing and trialling. The best option is to go with a professional and paid web developer, which uses the optimized templates. But, before directly jumping to the paid developer, you have to ensure that the paid developers must use the sector-focused templates, because your target market is different from the target market of other businesses. Though, creating a landing page is an easy and simple process, yet a never-ending one. Even the third-party tool, like Wishpond helps in creating the landing pages easily and optimizes them.

How to generate sales with a high converting landing page?

A Unique USP and a Killer Headline: The very first thing which is important to decide is the USP, that is the Unique Selling Point of your product. It is the major part of the landing page, which helps in setting up your business perfectly apart from the other businesses. It is that part of your business, which only you have and helps you stand apart from others. Your landing page needs to be attractive and engaging with your customers. It must be created in such a way that within less than a second your product convince the visitors and turn them into your customers. The USB with the image of the product attracts more visitors. A headline is the major cause of attention for the visitors to your website. So, it is must have interesting and understanding headline to your landing page, which can grab the visitors’ attention.

Appealing graphic, image or video: If your landing page will include appealing graphics or videos or images, it will grab more visitors and there are more chances to turn them into your customers. These significantly help in communicating more with the visitors than the text. So, if you have an interesting product, then do ensure to use its image on the landing page. This significantly helps in increasing the visual appeal of the landing page as well as encouraging the reputation of your business. It is recommended to use different types or styles of images for the target audience of your business and track the conversions of your sales carefully.

Choosing a solid CTA: CTA is the Call-to-Action variable, which is one of the most important for the landing page for your business. A landing page is the tool for attracting the user’s attention and the center of focus of your landing page is the CTA. Make the CTA of the landing page appealing, clear and contrasting in order to make it a successful landing page, which generate sales. It is important to have a single-focused landing page.

Include the Benefits in short: It is important to include the benefits of your product or business to the visitors in brief and short. Within less than 5 seconds, the headline of your landing page grabs the user’s attention and engage them further. It is important to mention the benefits in short, so that your landing page gets the desired action. Give your landing page a little more information and engage the visitors by telling them what you have different to offer them from your competitors.

If you are serious about increasing the sales of your business, then you need to know how to generate sales with a high converting landing page. If you will have a highly optimized landing page for your targeted audience, then it will give you more visitors, but it is you, who have to make your landing page appealing, engaging and clear, so that it helps with the authentic leads.


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