GetResponse Landing Pages VS HubSpot Landing Pages

If you really want your website to do something good for you, then you need to have an attractive and informative landing page. There are numerous software as well as tools, which are available online in order to help the website developers in creating a beautiful landing page. The two best-known competitors, include GetResponse and HubSpot, which are significantly used for creating amazing invoking landing pages. Before heading forward with the difference between the two, let us discuss in brief about the importance of having an awesome landing page.

The importance of having a good Landing Page

The first face of any product or the website is the landing page. Most of the companies significantly focuses on creation of awesome landing pages, giving detailed views about the products or the services. Also, the landing page helps in collecting the vest valuable details about the customers, including the email id, contact number and much more. So, it is quite important to have an attractive landing page for the products and the websites.

GetResponse Landing Page

Marketers believe that GetReponse Landing Page is the best among all the landing page creators. It is simple, easy-to-use and popular among them because of its appealing templates. Whether an expert or a novice marketer, GetResponse always remains to be their first choice.

Features of GetResponse
  • The design of the templates is the most amazing feature of GetResponse as they are designed in a beautiful manner. Also, it features WYSIWYG editor, which help the marketers and developers in drag-and-drop the things easily in order to make everything look beautiful. It helps in creating the best and the most irresistible landing pages as well as allows publishing in one click. It does allow the landing page publishing to the your own domain as well as on the free domain provided by GetResponse. Marketers and developers can even publish their created landing pages on the social media as well.
  • The feature of A/B split testing helps in determining the response of the visitors on your beautiful and stunningly designed landing pages. It even allows the developers with split testing of landing pages in 5 different variants so as to help them in checking the best working landing page.
  • GetResponse of the best solution when it is about the total email marketing and even it is true because it helps in providing the perfect reports about its analytics. So, it has got the best features, and that is, software integration, which significantly helps in integrating the landing pages with the social networks as well as the social media websites and the Google Analytics.
  • All the landing pages created by GetResponse are of a highly responsive design or we can say 100 percent mobile friendly. All the templates provided by it easily adjusts on different viewing platforms.
  • One of the easiest landing page software is the GetResponse as it helps in providing the learning videos with the training manuals and the downloadable manuals and much more. It makes it easy for the creator to use the software with these stuffs. Thus, it has a great feature of its usability and even it allows to connect with the customer support any time.
  • The pricing for opting the GetResponse service starts with $15 per month and the basic plan is limited with maximum 1000 contacts.

HubSpot Landing Page

Another one we have is the HubSpot landing page, which is the second best solution for inbound marketing. It does provide the best-quality landing pages for attracting more traffic to the website. It provides the developers and marketers with automated and the responsive templates for creating the landing pages.

  • HubSpot is a place which is loaded with numerous stunning template designs, which attracts the visitors easily. It even allows the transforming of the templates easy to give it a new look. Most of the templates can be easily customized, but it is difficult to customize some of the inbuilt markup in the modules.
  • The feature of A/B Split Testing helps in overlooking the visitors’ response on the website and HubSpot helps in split testing with landing pages in 2 variants. It significantly helps in choosing among the 2 variants of landing pages, which works the best for your website.
  • It helps in integrating the landing pages easily with the Google Analytics, social media websites as well as the social networking pages and sites. Thus, it has an amazing feature of software integration, where all the performance reports can be easily collected and the users can check all the things.
  • The HubSpot landing pages are of a highly responsive design as they easily adjust themselves on different devices, different viewing platforms, including laptops, iPads, smartphones and others.
  • The HubSpot landing page creator is quite simple as well as easy to use. It provides numerous visual options for helping the developers and marketers in better understanding about the usage of its tools. Thus, the usability feature of HubSpot is one of the best as it allows the developers in using every tool effectively with full effect as well as manages the content well with the organized campaigns.
  • The pricing of the HubSpot landing page builder is quite expensive as compared to GetResponse because it starts with a minimum of $200 for the services.


Both the landing page creators, HubSpot and GetResponse give a tough fight to each other, but in terms of features, GetResponse is the leading one. Also, the pricing of GetResponse landing page creator is a lot cheaper than that of HubSpot landing page creator. HubSpot lacks in features like customization of the inbuilt modules and thus, GetResponse leads here as well. The loading speed of the GetResponse landing pages is fast as compared to the HubSpot landing pages, which often slow down at times. So, now, it upto you guys, to choose the best one for you.

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