6 Simple Ways Students Can Make Money Online

Are you one of those students who are wasting their precious time chatting on social media, online gaming, etc.? I really feel sorry for myself when I look back into my past, when I was a student because I wasted my 2 years in chatting and hanging out with my friends. And I really don’t want the same for you guys. So, I am here today with the best and simple ways students can make money online.

I regret that why I didn’t utilized those 2 years in blogging, because it happened to be 5 years back and that too was unplanned. Though, I proved myself successful, but those 2 years would have earned me more fame. But still, I am satisfied that I am out of all those uneventful activities now and earning well for my livelihood. Many of my friends are still wasting their precious time in chatting and other useless online activities.

If we start calculating how much time we people spend online, then it would be average of 1000-1200 hours per year and what you have got? You remained empty handed even after a year. This is the major reason why I recommend and advise all my friends to achieve their goals first and think bigger. Online gaming and chatting on social media is not only the thing left in this world. And now even the students and housewives can easily earn money online.

Creating YouTube Videos

Many of you must have heard about YOUTUBE, the most popular online video channel. It is the first word which comes to our mind, when we talk about the ‘BEST ONLINE VIDEO BROADCASTING’. If you eagerly want to earn money, then YouTube is the ideal place where you can easily do video blogging, create Video Tutorials as well as can monetize the same using Adsense. Its just not pays for the ad clicks, but even for the video views. But for earning money through YouTube, you need to have a partnership program with them and it is problematic for those who live in those countries which don’t have a YouTube partnership program.


Blogging is one of the easiest ways for students to earn money online because a blog can be created on any specific niche. But, after creating a blog, you have to wait for minimum 2 to 3 months for getting the attention of the audience. Many bloggers get disheartened because they don’t get attention and thus stop blogging. It is my personal experience that when I started blogging, I did not get attention from the audience for the first few months, but I still worked out. It is advised to not leave blogging at any moment and start posting minimum one post a day.


People who love writing can do freelancing, which specifically means ‘to write for others’. Writing high quality articles will get you paid more and it is one of the best options for students as well as for housewives to earn money who loves to write.

Squidoo or Hubpages

Squidoo and Hubpages are the two leading websites associated with blogging and many people do consider it for earning money as these allow the users in monetizing their quality written articles with Adsense. Users are allowed to write on any topic on these blogging websites. Let me tell you that after publishing your article on these two blogging websites, if your article considered to be the most professional one, then you will receive thousands of views, which will help in increasing traffic to Adsense. It is worth considering if you have an approved Adsense account. It is the best option for those people who are not interested in building their own blog from the beginning and even for those who don’t want to do SEO.

Data Entry Jobs

After blogging and creating YouTube videos, data entry jobs is another popular option for students and housewives to earn money easily by being at home. All the data is provided where the user just needs to type the text by removing all the mistakes as well as correcting the article format and much more. Though it is quite boring at times, but still an option which is worth considering.

Affiliate Marketing

It is one of the simplest ways to make money online. It refers to the promotion of certain products as well as the services to the customers. For instance, I bought a product from Amazon and recommended to my friend. And I ask my friend to buy the product with my reference. So, when my friend would buy the product, Amazon will pay me certain percentage of the purchase, which is commonly known as a commission. This chain continues.

So, these are the best options and the simple ways students can make money online. But for earning money, you need to stop wasting your precious time on online gaming, chatting, hanging out with friends, etc. I am not saying that just give it a full stop, but start utilizing your time efficiently and effectively. I do hope that these ways will bring some awesome experience for you in earning money.

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