Learn how to save or preview posts in blogger

Most of the blogger who use blogger platform for blogging they know how to save or preview posts in blogger it is too easy and simple. If you are one of them then i am sure you are thinking why i posted this article then i would like to say that this article is not for those who already knows about this. Do you know there are thousand of new bloggers starts their blog in blogspot platform daily first time and they totally new to blogger even they don't know where to click to open post editor and start writing. So thus here is the detailed information about how to save or preview posts in blogger.

Sometimes i write article even when half of the article is completed i come to know that the article needs more correct information which i will need to research or find from other source then simply i just save my written article into the draft and then re-edit saved article when i am ready to complete article with correct information. Because of blogger we have that opportunity to save post to draft and preview article and following are the steps to make your work done easily.

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How to Save or Preview Posts In Blogger?

  • Log in to your blogger account
  • Go to your blog in which you want to publish a new post
  • Create a new post.
  • Then on the upper right hand side you can see two buttons named ‘Save’ and ‘Preview’. You can click either of them depending on your requirement at that moment.


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