Add a YouTube Subscribe Button in Blogger

If you're a vlogger (Video Blogger) and hosting your videos on YouTube and looking for a detailed information about how to add a YouTube subscribe button to your blog then your search ends here as here we are going to discuss about the same.

Having a YouTube subscribe button into your blog helps to increase subscribers as well as YouTube videos views. The process of adding YouTube subscribes button to a blog is easy and can be done within just in a few clicks.
YouTube Subscribe

How to Add YouTube Subscribe Button In Blogger?

First of all go to YouTube Developer's Page There you will see a tool that will allow you to configure embedded YouTube subscribe button.

All you have to do is to fill the required data and scroll down to the bottom to find the generated code.

Now, Go to the blogger dashboard> Layout> Add a gadget> Choose HTML/Javascript from the list.

Copy and Paste generated YouTube subscribe button code into it.

Finally save your widget and you're done!

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