How to Upload an Image on Blogspot Blog Post

In one of the previous post we saw how to Add Widgets or Gadget to Blogspot blog and In today's article i am going to cover one more topic about blogger is "How to Upload an Image / Picture to the blogspot blog post".

Blogger is one of the best blogging platform provided by Google.There isn't any limit on uploading / hosting images and videos even you can create new posts as many as you want. It is provided for free with unlimited space and bandwidth. Blogger has millions of users and most of top blogger now you are seeing, they started their blogging journey with blogger. ( Learn more about What is Google Blogger?)

Well, if you are new to the blogspot blog, and looking for a guide on how to upload an image on the blogspot blog post, Just follow the following steps :

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How to Upload an Image to Blogspot Blog Post?

Go to Blogger Dashboard > Click on Orange colored pencil icon to open Post Editor for a new post.
Now, click on the blue picture icon from menubar which appears after the title. See the screenshot below :

When you click on it, a pop-up box will be appeared on the same screen and there you will see a button "Choose Image" click on it and browse the image you want to be uploaded on the post from your computer and then click the "Open" to upload the selected picture on it. It will take few seconds to upload and will automatically selected or click on the uploaded image to select it, once you select the picture the "Add Selected" button will be enabled. now click on "Add Selected" button to embed the picture in blogger post. (You can also double click on the image to embed it in blogger post.).

That's all, you have successfully uploaded an image to blogger post. Still if you have any questions about the same, feel free to ask by commenting below.


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