How to Embed Audio MP3 Player In Blogger Post

Why you should embed audio MP3 files to your blogger post. ? Well, honestly speaking, I don't know. Because there can be many reason of adding audio MP3 to your blogger post also all reason may be different than each other by person. I used to embed MP3 player in my one of music niche blog. and one of my friend used to embed MP3 player to his blog to reproduce the songs to his blog's readers. So, thus, if you are in need of embedding audio MP3 player to your blogspot post, sidebar, or anywhere in your blog, Then it is possible in an awesome way. In this tutorial i would like to share how you can embed audio MP3 player to your blog using SoundCloud.

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How to Embed Audio MP3 player In Blogspot Post ?

First of all go to soundcloud website [Link] and create your account manually or also you can create your account in one click by connecting with your Facebook account. After the sign up, log in to your account and look for "Upload" button which located into top bar. Click on it to upload MP3 file. actually, you will be direct to the upload page. where you will have to click "Choose file" to choose an MP3 file which you want, from your computer.

Now it will take some times to get uploaded. Set tags, description, and some of advanced options while file is in process. Once the file get uploaded successfully, Click a link "Go to your sound" then your music file will open on SoundCloud website. There you can see some options for it such as Like, Repost, Add to set, Share etc. Choose "Share" from it and click on it to see the option of sharing that music on social network sites. To get embed code of that music player look at "Widget code" . Copy the widget code ( You can edit your music file by clicking on "pencil icon") .

Well, that widget code is embed code of that audio MP3 player which you can embed to your blogger post by navigate to post editor, simply switch to the HTML mode and paste the embed code anywhere you would like to be displayed in your post.

Also you can embed audio MP3 player in your blog's sidebar by adding a widget. Learn more about how you can add widget gadget to your blogspot blog.

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  1. That's amazing!! I just love listening to music. SoundCloud is awesome.

  2. Yes, but this is not quite the same thing. This is essentially iframing a set of code from your soundcloud. This is not a pure MP3 file.

  3. thanq very much.. i was searching for such a gadget for a very long time..

  4. Wow, that works and is so easy. Thanks a lot!!!