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Blogging is an opportunity for those, who loves to write stories about themselves or on the topic they like. But only writing isn't enough. After that we will need to increase the traffic of people who interested in our topic, posts, article, styles. and for this there are numbers of different ways to do. mostly people shares posts with their friend on Facebook wall and trying to get them entered on the blog. but along with that cheap practice there are many other useful ways to increase the traffic on your blog. Your main target should be Google search engine. To get traffic from the Google search engine you will need to do search engine optimization that also known as "SEO" . If you are using blogger platform then 90% of search engine optimization can be done by using blogger's official options about search engine optimization that you can find on Blogger  ›  Settings  ›  Search preferences All the options available to better optimize your blog for the search engines. but along with those optimization option you will also need to care while choosing blogger template for your blog. Always choose SEO Friendly blogger templates. If you are not familiar with templates and its codding styles, Don't need to worry. Here i am going to share some of best websites from where you can download free and 100% SEO friendly Blogger templates for your blog.

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Websites List For Free Bogger Templates
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You can follow any of above website for the free and SEO friendly blogger templates for your blogger blog. There you can find blogger templates in almost all categories including :Responsive Blogger templates, Professional, Single, Two and Multicolumn Templates, Highly Customized Templates and more.


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