How to fix Blogger Image Color Changing Issue

As you can see in my last post " How to Add Popular posts widget to blogger " There i have uploaded 2 pictures that are showing in low quality and it totally displaying different color than real one. i just searched about this issue on Google and got the perfect result and solved it in just 2 minutes. so, i would also like to share that same tutorial in this blog with this blog's reader.

Blogger image color changing issue can be solved in just minute. it all happening because of your google+ settings. so you don't need to find the option in your blogger settings. And it will be happen only if your blogger account is connect with Google+. Whenever, you upload images on your blogger posts then google+ will automatically enhance then images on its server.

How to fix Blogger Image Color Changing Issue

So, it is simple to fix this issue and disable this image enhance feature from your Google+ account settings, and revert it to normal image uploading.

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How to Disable Google+ Image Enhancing Feature on Blogger?

Ok, Here we see how to disable Google+ image enhancing feature and upload all the images in normal way.
1. Go to Google+ Settings page
2. Scroll down and look for the option "Photos and Videos"
3. Under "Photos and Videos" you will see the "Auto Enhance" option just mark it as "OFF"
4. That's it.

Now, your settings will be saved automatically, and from now you will no longer face that color changing issues. your all images you upload to your blogger account will be in normal.


  1. Thank you for sharing this. It was driving me crazy! Hard to offer free printables when blogger keeps changing the colors.

  2. Thanks for sharing this tip, it's been bugging for ages!