Recent Comments with Avatar Widget Generator

Recent comments widget with avatar for blogger / blogspot. You are fully enable to customize this widget as you requirements. Here i am providing widget generator which let's you customize recent comment widget according to your need. You can customize settings such as widget title, Show avatar or not to show, make avatar in rounded Shape or normal one, show more link text etc.. one of the best thing about this widget is that it will be show up avatar image from user's gravatar image. or you can also enable to set a fixed image which will be show up instead.

Preview :

Recent Comments Widget with Avatar for Blogger

So, if you would like to have this recent comments widget with avatar on your blog then all you have do is just follow the steps given below to add this widget to your blog.

How to Add Recent Comments Widget with Avatar to Blogger ?

  1. Fill the required data in below generator
  2. Customize settings as your need.
  3. Click on "Generate" button to enable "Add to Blogger" button
  4. Then finally, click on "Add to Blogger" button to add this widget to your blog.

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  1. It was installed righlty but I wondered it didnt work for me. here
    I really need help