Blogger Meta Tag Generator Tool

Creating a blog and publishing article isn't enough for the blogger but blogger should maintain their blog for the batter search engine optimization. first and basic part of the search engine optimization is the Title and description of the blog which should be most relevant to the niche / topic of the website you create. well, for the blogger you don't have to use third party tool to add meta tags to your blog's header for the SEO because of now blogger provides all the SEO tool officially itself. but when you create a HTML page and upload to the any hosting sites this is must required that you have to add meta tags such as description of the web page, keywords, author information and the robots tags which let's search engine to index and know your HTML page.

So, here i wanna share a Meta tag generator tool that you can use as you requirements.

How to Generate Meta tag using Meta tag Generator ?
Go to the Meta tag Generator page.
Fill the required data in the generator
Click on "Generate" button then you will be redirect to the generated code page.
Copy the code by clicking "Copy to Clipboard" button and paste the code after <head> tag in your blog or any web page.


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