HTML iFrame Code Generator

In the previous article we saw how to add a widget or gadget to blogger and here i come back with an another article about HTML iFrame embed code Generator. before we go ahead to the steps you should be knowledgeable with the use of iFrame . Well, you are here via google search then may be you know your query as well. but if you are don't know how to and why to use iFrame to your website then let me explain it in short.

iFrame helps us to embed any web page to our website using simple HTML iFrame code. but it isn't required that all the website owner are familiar to the HTML and other web related languages. So, here i would like to share iFrame creator tool which let's you create and customize the iFrame as your need.


How to Generate iFrame Embed Code ?
  1. Go to this iFrame Generator page.
  2. Fill the all required data and customize the iFrame as your need.
  3. Click on "Generate" button then you will receive the code of iFrame that you can use by copy and paste to your website or blog.

That's It !

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  1. didn't work for me said error 01 please what does that mean