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The XML sitemaps helps search engine bots to discover all the pages of your blog to crawl. but the problem with the blogspot blog sitemap is that it show ups few recent posts only in the default sitemap of blogger. You can see the live example here. : There you can see the limitation of the articles of that blog, if you are running a blog on the blogspot platform then may be you are not aware about it. but there is a great solution available or you.

Whenever, search engine bot visit your blog then it will look for the robots.txt file first, and we gonna add sitemap details to it , so bot can find your blog's pages easily. but before adding the sitemap details to robots.txt file, you need to generate XML sitemap using a tool that proudly developed by the Indian pro blogger Amit agrawal ( Founder of Digital Inspiration )

So, let's move to the steps of generating XML sitemap for blogger

Well, this generator will be work for the or only however, if you have self-hosted blogger blog with the custom domain like "" it will be work too.

All you have to do is just go to this XML Sitemap Generator page. There you will see input box where you have to put your blog's valid URL and click "Create Sitemap" button, then tool will generate your sitemap code instantly.

After generating your sitemap, go to blogger dashboard > Settings > Search Preferences > Enable custom robots.txt option and paste the sitemap code into it. and save your changes.

Congratulations ! you have done, now search engine automatically find all your posts through your sitemap XML within Robots.txt file.

Thanks :)

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  1. I really can't find ANY generator on your blog....There are posts, descriptions, but no generators.What am I missing?