Blogger Recent Posts Widget With Thumbnail Generator

Recent posts widget which must be installed into your blog that will help your readers to find out latest articles of your blog when they are comes directly to any post page via search engine or anywhere you added post link. You can add recent posts widget to anywhere into your blog like in sidebar, above the first post title, end of the post etc. Well, sidebar is recommended from my side. it looks great as well as it can be found easily by the readers of your blog and also it isn't disturb them while reading article.

One of the best thing in this recent post widget is that you can show listing of your recent articles from a particular label. Yes, suppose, if you would like to show recent posts widget by a single label then you have to just set label name and then it will show up recent posts of particular label you chooses.

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As always, again i gonna share a widget generator which let's you customize everything such as colors, font size, thumbnail, title text, and much more.. all your customization saved and added into your widget automatically, and it will generate the code that you can add to your blog to show widget on your blog.

Preview : -

Blogger Recent Post Widget

Let's move to the step and add this beautiful widget to your blog.

  • Firstly, Go to Recent Posts Widget Generator page.
  • Customize settings as your need.
  • Click on "Generate" button then you will be direct to the different page there you will see your customized widget code.
  • Click on "Copy to Clipboard" button then code will be copied automatically.
  • Now, go to blogger > Layout > Add a gadget > Choose HTML/Javascript
  • Paste widget code into it.
  • Finally, save your widget and you have done. !
If you have any query about the widget you can ask by joining the discuss here to find out the best answers by the admin or community.


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