Health Blog Ideas to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

The internet has become a great source of information for many people globally. In this regard, many organizations and individuals have taken advantage of this need to offer their readers relevant information. Therefore, if you are running a blog site, there is plenty of competition from others in the same niche you are in.

For example, health has emerged as a critical area where people constantly look for information on various health topics. You are also likely to find an articles if you visit here to get tips on various health issues. So, to be an effective blogger, you need to know how to drive traffic to your blog.

First, to drive traffic to your blog, you need to write on the appropriate topics to write about. Here are some key topics to consider writing about:


Make no mistake; there is no shortage of nutrition information on the web. However, many readers usually struggle to sort through varying opinions to determine what they ought to eat or enjoy treats in moderation.

In this regard, your blog needs to cut through the confusion and provide readers with easy-to-understand insights on nutrition matters. Then, after reading your blog, they should feel confident that the suggestions they read from your blog can help them improve their health.

Some nutrition-oriented topics you can consider include:

  • Healthy recipes
  • Foods to boost immunity
  • Surprising sources of protein
  • How much caffeine is too much?
  • PCOS and nutrition: How to adjust your diet to control your symptoms


Your readers are aware of the fact that they can improve their health by moving their bodies daily. However, that does not mean they actually follow through. Many of them are usually distracted by injuries, busy schedules, and body image concerns.

Therefore, your blog needs to offer details while at the same time motivating readers to get up and get moving. Examples of fitness topics you can consider include:

  • X number of exercises you can perform at home without equipment.
  • Innovative ways to get more exercise when you are short on time.
  • The X best yoga poses for endurance.
  • The X best total body exercises- and why they are so effective.
  • Seniors and strength training: it is never too late to start!

Mental Health

There is a growing body of research confirming a link between physical and mental health. The studies state that fitness and nutrition boost your mood, reducing the risk for depression and anxiety. On the other hand, mental health disorders hinder patients from maintaining healthy lifestyle habits.

Regrettably, many patients are not willing to reach out and get the help they need. In this sense, they need a compassionate and informative blog with content that can help. Your plan should be to erase the stigma by including insightful blog posts.

Mental health blog post ideas include:

  • Sleep quality and mental health: What data says
  • X signs you need to take a mental health day
  • The best mindfulness apps for stress management
  • Why everyone can benefit from therapy
  • How mental health comorbidities impact diagnosis and treatment.


Relationships form a critical part of human society. Therefore, people need ideas on family bonding, friendships, and romantic relationships. Therefore, your blog should have several posts covering these topics.

Some of the relationship-oriented blog posts you can consider include:

  • Mental health: Importance of spending time with your friends
  • Tips for spouses of mothers with postpartum depression
  • How to keep a strong bond with your teenager
  • Divorce and family health: How to reduce emotional effects on your children
  • How your spouse can support your healthy lifestyle choices

Sexual and Reproductive Health

Studies have shown that patients and clients are usually afraid to ask questions about sexual and reproductive health. Your health blog can remind your users about these important facets of wellness. It should therefore encourage them to follow up and seek expert opinion from your organization.

Your blog posts can encourage your readers to be more open and proactive about their sexual health with the appropriate tone. Some blog post ideas include:

  • The latest developments in male birth control
  • Senior sexual health: why you should drop the taboos
  • Signs you should get tested for an STD
  • Latest developments in male birth control
  • Breastfeeding and birth control 101

How to Select the Right Article Topics for Your Blog

Here are factors to consider as you select topics for your health blog:

  • Who is your audience? What qualities exemplify your target clients or patients?
  • Which topics allow you to make your brand stand out?
  • What are the leads that arrive at your blog want to learn?
  • How can the selected topics encourage leads to switch to your site?

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Health Supplement You Should Consume Daily

Your health is something you must pay attention to. The level of your health determines how your general system performance will be. You must take proper care of your health constantly. You can do this without being on any medication.

The proper diet will promote good health for you. When you are careful of what you eat and take into your body, you can avoid dangerous food. This is why it is most times advisable to eat and stay on a proper diet. Also, where enough nutrients aren’t gotten from food, there is also a way out. They are certain supplements that boost your health.

Taking the right supplement will play the role of eating a good diet. However, this is not to say that supplements take the place of good food. They only supply the system with nutrients that may not have been derived from a meal. They repair and rebuild some body tissues and organs by the supply of nutrients.

So, supplements are substances that boost the condition of our health and help promote overall performance. You do not need to worry about the types of supplements that carry out this function. You will find that on this page. Here you’ll learn some of the supplements that are good for your health. Let’s get right to it.


Multivitamins are very good supplements to help boost your body system. They serve to give the system the necessary nutrients they need to function. They can be found in vegetables and pill form. They play a very vital role in the body. This can be added to your diet. When this is added to your diet, it improves your health. It supplies it with the nutrient it needs to function better. This is a safe supplement that should be present in your meal. You can find more here on the benefits of multivitamins.


Magnesium is another vital supplement. It helps the body perform better. The body system and organs are improved with the intake of magnesium. This is mainly for people with magnesium deficiency. This deficiency is a result of high blood sugar levels. It can also be caused by eating a lot of processed foods. This deficiency comes with some abnormalities. It is therefore essential that you take magnesium supplements to restore lost nutrients.


This, of course, is another essential supplement. It helps to promote better health function. It is one of the minerals that may be lacking in one’s diet. It is not a mineral to be ignored. It helps if the body is rich in calcium. You should strive to make sure that your diet is rich in calcium. You can get calcium from foods such as dairy products and other proteins like beans and fish.  

However, people diagnosed to be lactose intolerant may not be able to eat dairy products. Whatever the case is, there are other foods rich in calcium that you can engage in. It is vital to give your body its required nutrient in calcium. Calcium helps in body strength. It also helps in strengthening bones. It reduces fatigue and boosts muscle and joint stability as well. This page has more on how calcium can be helpful to the body.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is another essential body requirement. You need Vitamin C in your food diet. People most times take Vitamin C only to reduce cold. There is much more to it. It is crucial for the body generally. It provides you with the nutrients needed for the body to function correctly. You can get them in fruits like pineapples, grapefruits, oranges, and so on. It also comes in the form of pills. It is essential to add this to your diet in other to get your body active properly.

Vitamin D

You also need to get enough Vitamin D for your health. You can get Vitamin D from cereals, salmon, and tuna. You can also get from fortified milk. Vitamin C is significant to the body. It maintains a proper blood level for you. It helps improve the bones. It strengthens your muscles. It also boosts your immune system. You do not want to miss its benefits. Try to take a daily vitamin D supplement to promote your health.

Benefits of Taking Health Supplements

Taking health supplements is safe for you. They are not dangerous to the health except they are taken improperly. Supplements are known to provide the body generally with nutrients that it needs. Apart from this, other benefits could be gotten.

Enhances Sport and Exercise Performance

Taking the right health supplement helps the body to function correctly. It strengthens the bone and improves overall health. All this makes sports performance more enhanced and improved.

It Supports the Immune System

Regular intake of these supplements also helps to support immune systems. The body becomes resistant to certain diseases and can fight bacteria.

It Improves the Overall Performance of the Body

The intake of these substances improves the general performance of the overall human system. They help boost physical strength. The y repairs itself with the proper nutrients. Where they are deficiencies, it provides supports. All this improves the general performance of health and wellness.

Final Note

Health supplements are not a substitute for a good food diet. However, lost nutrients can be gotten from these supplements. Also, nutrients that were not in sufficient quantity from foods can be obtained from these supplements. This is why it is important that you add them to your diet.

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Know about the various features of C#

With the beginning of the .NET framework, Microsoft incorporated a new language called C # (pronounced C Sharp). C # is designed to be an easy, modern, general-purpose, object-oriented programming languageand make use of key concepts from several other languages, especially Java.

C # could in theory be compiled into machine code, but in real life, it is always used in grouping with the .NET framework. As a result, applications written in C # need the .NET Framework to be installed on the computer running the application. While the .NET Framework makes it feasible to use a broad range of languages, C # is occasionally called THE .NET language, perhaps because it was designed mutually with the framework.

C # is an object-oriented language and does not propose functions or global variables. Everything is enfolding in classes, even simple types such as int and string, which take over from the System.Object class.

C # is a current, secure, object-oriented programming language that allows programmers to create solutions quickly and easily for the Microsoft .NET platform.

Main characteristics of c #

A. Simple

1. The pointers are missing in C #.
2. Unsafe operations, like as direct memory manipulation, are not allowed.
3. In C # there is no use of the operators "::" or "->".
4. Since it is in .NET, it inherits the characteristics of automatic memory management and garbage collection.
5. Different ranges of primitive types such as Integers, Floats, etc.
6. The integer values of 0 and 1 are no longer received as Boolean values. Boolean values are true or false values in C #, so there are no more errors of the "=" operator and the "==" operator.
7. "==" is required for the comparison operation and "=" is used for the assignment operation.

B. Modern

1. C # has been based on the recent trend and is very controlling and easy to create interoperable, scalable and robust applications.
2. C # includes integrated support to convert any component in a web service that can be invoked over the Internet from a few application that runs on any platform.

C. Oriented object

1. C # carries data encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism, interfaces.
2. (int, float, double) are objects which are not in java but C # has launches structures (structures) that allow primitive types to become objects.
int i = 1;
string a = i Tostring (); // conversion (o) Boxing

D. Secure type

1. In C # programmer cannot perform unsafe conversions such as converting double to boolean.
2. Value types (primitive types) are initialized in zeros and the reference types (objects and classes) are initially to null by the compiler automatically.
3. The matrices are indexed on a zero basis and are marked with a limit.
4. Type overflow can be verified.

E. Interoperability

1. C # contains native support for COM and Windows based applications.
2. Allow restricted use of native pointers.
3. Users no longer have to explicitly implement unknown interfaces and other COM interfaces, those features are integrated.
4. C # allows users to use pointers as insecure code blocks to manipulate their previous code.
5. VB NET components and other managed code languages can be used directly in C #.

F. Scalable and up-to-date

1. .NET has initiate assemblies that self-describe through their manifesto. Manifesto establishes the identity, the version, the culture and the digital signature of the assembly, etc. Assemblies do not need to register anywhere.
2. To scale the specific application, programmers delete old files and update them with new ones. There is no dynamic link library record.
3. Updating software components is a bug-prone task. Revisions made to the code. Can affect the existing program C # supports versions in the language. The native support for the interfaces and the substitution of methods allows complex paintings to be developed and developed over time.

Advantages of C#

C # is elegant and secure; it is object-oriented and is helpful to create a series of robust and elegant applications that run on the .NET Framework and beyond.C # is one of the mainly acceptable programming languages, organized and popular in the world of programming. C # has been documented as one of the most influential and powerful programming languages. It is one of the supported languages and completesthe tasks effortlessly and has a good performance.

1. Object oriented language
C # is a purely object-oriented language, this allows programmer to create modular applications and reusable codes. This is the main advantages of C # over C ++.

2. Automatic garbage collection
C # has a very efficient system to remove and eliminate all the garbage present in the system. C # does not create a disaster in the system and the system is not blocked during execution.

3. No problem if the memory loss
C # has a great advantage of a strong memory backup. There would be no difficulty of memory loss and other problems of this type in the C # as in the case of the C ++ language. In this case, C # has a very clear advantage in all other languages.
4. Easy development

Rich class libraries make many functions simple to implement. C # has manipulated on most of the world's programmers and has a history in the world of programming.

5. Cross platform
An application will work fine only if the machine has installed the NET framework. This is the major important requirement for the C #. In addition, this could be a significant opportunity for young programmers to train them with the .NET Framework.

6. Better integration
The applications written in .NET will have a better integration and interoperability with other NET Technologies. in fact, C # runs on CLR, which facilitates integration with components written in other languages (specifically, languages supported by CLR)

7. More readable coding
Formalized concept of methods of obtaining sets, so that the codes become more readable. In C #,programmer do not need to be bothered about the header files. The coding would be a value to do in C #.

8. The shortage of options.
When programmers are on the Microsoft stack, they have a tool for everything. So, on the whole, they combine their needs with the tool and use it. That's why majorly programmers recommend that C # be a special support language for beginners.

C # is a modern, secure, object-oriented programming language that allows programmers to create solutions quickly and easily for the Microsoft .NET platform.
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From Zero to Hero: Slack’s Marketing Strategy (7 Tactics to Implement)

The outrages growth of Slack is not a secret anymore with the company achieving $4 billion worth in almost four years.

Their debut wasn’t less impressive, the Slack platform encountering 8,000 access requests right from the first day of the app’s launching. And if the numbers did not amaze you, maybe the fact that they did not have any outbound sales team will blow your mind.

Then where’s the trick you wonder? Any clever lead generation ideas? Some guru marketers? Well, none of that in the beginning, but, definitely, a clear focus on interacting with individuals instead of teams, learning as much as possible about them and creating an app based on their needs and feedback.

What is Slack?

As its motto suggests, “Where work happens”, Slack is a cloud-based business app mixing a suite of features and tools meant to ease the communication within a team or department, replacing the traditional use of emails or phone messages.

In a simpler way, it can be defined as a messaging app allowing you to share privately or in group discussions (chat rooms) different types of content.

Its name was created from 5 acronyms meaning "Searchable Log of All Conversation and Knowledge". What began as a tool used internally by Butterfield’s company is now considered the fastest rising business app.

7 Marketing Tactics Behind the Success of Slack

1. Strong roots: experienced co-founders
As expected, such a success was not achieved by mistake. Its roots are based on years of experience and failures faced by a skilled founding team. Before building the Slack software, the co-founders, Butterfield, Eric Costello along with Cal Henderson and Serguei Mourachov spilled their creativity in establishing a solid foundation for Flickr.

However, despite a great business model, the project was bought, in 2005, by Yahoo, for only $35 billion. Later on, the founders considered the selling decision and its follow-ups some regrettable mistakes.

2. Overcoming market barriers with free subscriptions
Since its launching, Slack promised to diminish and facilitate the communication problems within a project's development. Moreover, the software appeared in crisis time, where the emails’ avalanche was the first thing to ruin your day at work. Despite all these favorable factors, the company decided to offer also a free version for Slack.

Obviously, the paid alternative unlocked additional features, but the free version was a strategy that triggered a high number of users right from the beginning.

3. A brand voice speaking from the soul
From its early beginning, Slack differentiated itself through approaching customers in a friendly and close manner. They managed to keep an eye on the competition without losing the focus on the client.

Understanding the lifecycle of consumers, what do they need, when is it ideal to reach them, to avoid pissing them off, and what channels to use, all these were among the focus points used to develop the communication strategy.

Also, another focus point resumed at the idea that each customer interaction is a chance to promote your product. Therefore, the duty did not fall, entirely, on the marketing team, a small part belonging to each Slack employee interacting with clients.

4. Emphasizing the NPS score
One of the most important metrics, used by Slack, is the net promoter score. Right from its debut, the brand counted on word of mouth growth. Since the product addresses individuals, rather than companies, the word of mouth is the most efficient way to grow the brand’s awareness.

This was a proven fact since now Slack hits 8 million daily active users with 3 million paid users.

5. Playful ads > corporate-y advertising
Their marketing proposal clearly had no trace of mainstream. From the app’s interface, combining dazzling colors along with a curvy sans-serif font and fun emojis, to a bubbly ad campaign with inflatable unicorns, kittens and an overall Disney movie background, Slack kept itself away from the boring B2B ads.

As the app was constructed on a rough background of research, the advertising campaign was created following the same protocol. According to Slack’s Holly Chen, head of digital marketing, playful ads reach a higher performance in comparison to the serious, mainstream B2B ads.

6. The feedback: ask for it, implement it.
Another “must-have” tactic for thriving success consisted in constantly monitoring consumer’s feedback and, most important, implementing it.

The customers’ feedback provided a reliable source of information on the clients’ needs and on what should Slack solve to become indispensable from their daily working routine.

7. Using explicit advertising materials
Slack focused on marketing for individuals, rather than companies, offering advertising materials which explained the entire purpose of the app, what it does and how each individual, along with its team, can benefit from using it.

Final Thoughts
Despite their outrages success, the marketing strategy implemented by Slack wasn’t something revolutionary.

A mixture of marketing strategies implemented at an individual level, rather than B2B, focused on clearly explaining the product’s features and how will these do the trick for the user, along with a useful app, an interactive interface and eye-catchy ads, all these seemed to have made Slack indispensable for a remarkable number of individuals.
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Adapting to Gutenberg Editor: A Beginners Guide

If you are a WordPress user then you would have definitely come across its latest update- the Gutenberg Editor. For those unaware, Gutenberg Editor is a block-based editor that makes your WP interface simple to use. It also comes with much better features than the earlier versions which make for a new and advanced way of creating and editing content on WordPress.

What is different with Gutenberg?

Gutenberg is all about blocks. This means that unlike the earlier WP versions, there is no single editor box on the dashboard. Rather, each element of the content is broken up into different formats and with a block dedicated to each of them. With the new interface, it would be much easier to tackle each piece of content like the headline, paragraph, CTA button, images, videos, quotes etc. separately. You can edit, position, and customize each block as per your website’s needs.

Gutenberg Editor brings you the following features:
  • A drop-down menu instead of the standard toolbar
  • Extended writing-space to create lengthy content
  • Content embedding option within the visual editor
  • Live HTML block to easily switch between the visual editor and text editor modes
  • ‘Recent Blocks’ option to easily access recently edited blocks
  • Table of Contents to help you navigate across different sections of the content
  • New visual styles with more options of font, colors, typeface, background etc.
  • Information popup for Word and Block Counts


Gutenberg is designed to be more user-friendly and convenient, even for those who are not web development experts. Here’s a basic user-guide to creating a page/post with the new and improved WP version.

1. Add Title

This allows you to add a title/headline to your page or post.

2. Add blocks to the post/page

The (+) button on the toolbar allows you to add blocks to your content. On click, you will find four tabs with these options:
• Suggested- for adding new blocks and recent- for used ones.
• Block options- for common, formatting, layout, and widgets.
• Embeds- for embedding any media
• Shares- for your social platforms
You can also use the search field to locate the block that you need.

3. Use the Undo/Redo buttons

Use these buttons to move redo or undo any changes to your content.

4. Explore Settings

The settings options lets you add features, images, tags, categories, etc. to your content. With the ‘block’ option under settings, you can change the settings of individual blocks.

5. Preview and Publish

After creating the final content and editing each block, it’s time to preview your work and publish the same. With Gutenberg Editor, you can simultaneously preview the changes while you are working on each block.

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What is the Best SEO Plugin for WordPress?

A new experience

With a visually appealing editing interface and unrestricted content creation experience, the block-based Gutenberg Editor lets you integrate rich content in your site in the most convenient manner. To be able to completely avail the benefits of this CMS feature, you need the support of a state-of-the-art hosting solution. A good WordPress hosting provider can keep up with the constant upgrade of the advanced features of Gutenberg Editor, while you spend quality time and efforts in exploring the editor and focus on your creativity.
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What Exactly is a Smart Backpack?

Who doesn’t love a well-designed backpack? A good one can be both functional and fashionable. It can also provide ample room to stow your daily gear, protect your valuables, and make even your most frustrating travel session more enjoyable.

But did you know that it’s possible to get a pack that is smarter, more efficient and offers a variety of cool features? It’s true. Such packs are called smart backpacks, and functionally they’re not much different from a conventional pack outside of several unique features.

What is a Smart Backpack?

In short, a smart backpack is nothing more than a pack that has been outfitted with advanced or more connected features.

Take the Lifepack Anti-Theft Backpack, for example. It’s a travel bag, that also includes an embedded solar charging panel and connected power bank. While you’re wearing it or taking a break, it can charge your electronics through the power bank. It also features integrated Bluetooth speakers so you can play some music or podcasts on the go.

Of course, these features aren’t exactly what you’d consider necessary but there’s no question that they elevate the usability of your average pack and make them much more accessible. That’s exactly what a smart product is meant to do.

Why Would You Want One?

Admittedly, if you have no use for some of the extra functionality then a regular backpack will do just fine. Most smart backpacks offer the best support to regular travelers or business professionals. A secure and protected RFID pocket, for example, will help keep valuables, credit cards and cash safe from potential thieves.

Then there’s the matter of weather and elements protection that most smart bags offer. Whether offered through full-on water-resistance or damage repellant fabric these bags are generally much more durable than the average pack you might find on a department store shelf.

Some of the best smart backpacks such as NOMATIC, Tylt, Kopack and Lifepack include additional — sometimes random — features that can improve daily life. Lifepack includes a retractable lock that works similar to a bike lock, allowing you to secure the bag to a permanent structure or object. Tylt comes with multiple USB ports connected to a power pack so you can charge more than one device at a time. NOMATIC has a waist strap for extra back support when carrying heavy loads, a dirty laundry bag, and an optional duffel-style carry mode.

The point is that smart backpacks are more tailored to your individual use, and you can select one that has the features you need. Don’t want the portable power bank but need water-resistant material? No problem! Want to access the laptop pocket separately yet still keep your computer safe? Also possible.

It stands to reason that smart backpacks are so much more useful than your average pack. It’s a wonder why anyone would bother investing money in regular, dumb bags given the choice between the two.

Perhaps, the best part is that most of these bags look normal to the untrained eye so it’s not like they end up being more of a target to potential thieves. In fact, some of them offer additional protection to thwart the baddies — as is the case with Lifepack’s retractable lock.

Now that you’re more informed we have but one final question for you. What are you waiting for?
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