How to Embed any Webpage Using HTML iFrame

Are you looking for an iFrame code or iFrame creator? Do you want to embed a webpage to your site or blog or blog post? Here is the best solution for you to make it done easily. Yes, Sometime we need to embed a live webpage to our blog post so that we can show that webpage live on our post page and user can easily explore it right from your blog post.

Just like we add pictures or a screenshot of any webpage, iFrame will allow you to add that actual webpage to your blog post and even you can change its height, width etc. Isn't it amazing? Yeah it is!

So, To make an iFrame, You must be familiar with HTML coding right?


We have an iFrame Generator which will help you to create an iFrame within just a minute. No HTML coding knowledge required!

So, Let's get started!

How to Create an iFrame?

Just follow the simple steps given below to make an iFrame and Embed any webpage to your blog post:

Go to the iFrame Generator page
Fill the required data into the form
Click on "Preview" to see actually it looks
Click "Generate" to generate HTML iframe code
Copy and paste the code to your blog post and you're done!

If you have any question feel free to ask by commenting below. :) 

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Things to do when creating a Blog

So, are you planning to create your own blog this year, but don’t know how to get started? If it is so, then we are here today with a guide to make money through blogging. In this article, I will be discussing the important things which need to be considered before starting or creating a blog. Following these tips will help you in saving your valuable energy and time. So, if you are wondering about how to start a blog, then you are really lucky that you landed here because I’m going to share a simple guide to make money through blogging.

You will be surprised to know that you just need 30 minutes or less to create a blog and that too without any prior knowledge of HTML or graphics design or coding. Over the past few years, I have learned a number of things about blogging and even managed to set few successful blogs for myself as well. I know that what are the best practices which a person needs to follow and what mistakes they need to avoid while creating a blog. With this article, I just want to help each one of you in creating a blog because I don’t want you all to endure the pains which I endured.

Before starting with the guide, I just want to quote the words of Benjamin Franklin which I think are apt to use here and that is, “Experience is a hard master, but fools will have no other.” It simply means that one should always learn from the past but not from their experience. Now, you can forget everything else because I am going to tell you all about how to make a blog. You just need to follow few simple steps, tips, and tricks.

Before getting started with the things to do when creating a blog, let us answer one question.

Why do you want to start a blog?

There are different reasons for different people to start a blog. Blogging is one of the best ways for:
  • Becoming a better person because it helps the person with intentional communication, clear thinking and building a creative flair.
  • Improving and proficiency in writing which comes with regular writing practice and blogging helps in writing on a regular basis.
  • Making your voice heard and yes, you can share your own views and reach out to more people to increase your website traffic as well.
  • Making a difference in the life of the people as you can help them with their life’s certain problems which with they are dealing since a long time.
  • Getting your work published online which helps the person in building his or her own loyal audience.
  • Making money through blogs. Though it needs your time and commitment, but yes, it does return fruits for life.

Things to do when creating a Blog- A Guide

I will be talking about the 4 major things or you can say steps through which you have to go through for creating or setting a blog. And I am again assuring you that if you follow these steps carefully, then you can create your blog within 30 minutes or less. It is not difficult to set a blog because there is no need to know about coding. Isn’t it amazing news, huh?

Steps on How to start a Blog

Step 1- Choosing the preferred blogging platform

The first thing which you need to do while creating a blog is to choose the preferred blogging platform, a platform where you want to build your blog. If you are here then I will assume that you are well aware of WordPress which is a massive platform. One of the biggest blogging platforms in the world is WordPress which features infinite ways for to design and layout the blog along with the plugins and add-ons. The other alternatives include Tumblr and Blogger, but there are few of my personal reasons because of which I am advocating about WordPress as the best blogging platform.

  • Free and easy to use
  • Thousands of layouts and free themes
  • Massive support forum for solving your queries
  • Insanely fast blog with perfect functioning and form
  • Easy interaction with people and the content can be shared as well as commented too

Step 2- Self-Hosting or a Free Alternative?

Whoa! This is the major decision which you have to take before creating a blog. You have to decide whether you want to create a free blog or pay for it. Whether it is Tumblr, Blogger or WodPress, the blogs are free to own. Isn’t it awesome, huh? It is perfect for the people who aren’t really serious about blogging, but yes, it does have disadvantages too.

  • You won’t get your own domain name
  • Limitations including not fully monetize or uploading the videos or no access to free themes
  • You are not the owner of your blog

On the other, we have the self-hosted blog which gets your own domain name and you are the real owner of the blog. You can even give it your name or customize it according to your needs. You even get the unlimited bandwidth for the content, videos, and images along with the free themes. Isn’t it a winning combo?

Now, the question arises is that how much is a domain name and the hosting? It is not much expensive and usually costs around $4 to $10 per month depending on your hosting provider.

Step 3- Start creating blog with a self-hosting and custom domain

I am moving forward with WordPress and if you haven’t chosen it, then do it seriously, it is the best. Now, just come up with a domain name and the hosting service. I would like to recommend you all with Bluehost hosting and I have only good things to say about it. Though it is not the cheapest one, yet it is the best on among all. And if you don’t want to go with Bluehost, then you can choose any hosting company of your choice. Now, you get a ‘one-click’ WordPress install in the admin panel and once, WordPress is installed, you can start with blogging. Though you might feel the WordPress layout little confusing, but it is really simple and easy.

Step 4- Designing your WordPress Blog

Now, this is a little bit of fun. So, let’s make your blog exactly the same as you want. For choosing the theme you have to navigate through Appearance>>Themes>>Select>>Install or you can even get the premium WordPress themes from It is recommended to get a theme which is easy to customize and looks professional. The most awesome feature of WordPress is that you can easily change the themes in few clicks. It means that you can switch to another theme without losing the images or content.

The design of your blog must reflect you and your personality as well as the blog niche. What I mean to say is that there is no need to have a sports theme if you have a technology blog. Above all, it is really important to have a theme which is easy to navigate. People won’t stay if you have an ugly website, so make it easy for people to stick around.

Also see: Best Blogging Tips for New Bloggers

This is it, guys! By now, I am sure that your initial blog has been already set up and you are ready to go. Wasn’t it really easy? Yes, damn easy. if you stuck anywhere then you can always contact me through the comment section.
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5 Must Have Items To Get You Vlogging On A Budget

Vlogging or video blogging has rather turned out to be a full time profession and pulls in a lot of money by just posting videos on a blog. Apart from being a very interesting occupation it is also very creative and simple. If you are already a blogger you can increase the popularity of your blog by uploading some video footage on it. Vloggers has become more of a profession these days. With the quality of equipment and softwares enhancing, there are a lot more perks added to vlogging making it into a profession to produce semi-cinematic quality footage.

Anybody of you can start vlogging without worrying about the cash you need to give like those bonafide YouTube stars. All you need to start vlogging is quality equipment (including a good camera with HD features, a tripod and a Softbox) and good editing software. These things are a must to produce good quality films as low quality vlogs don’t get the kind of attention that you are looking for. Check out some of the most amazing products that will be very helpful to start vlogging on your own and producing quality footages.

Canon Powershot S110 – $379.00
It is a compact camera but does the job perfectly fine. The Canon Powershot S110 comes with 1080p HD quality with 5x Optical Zoom and a 24mm wide-angle lens. With the Canon Powershot S110 you are provided with the customized shooting modes with which playback clips and deleting the redundant clips is easily done apart from the vlogs.

Sony Bloggie Live – $239.00
For those of you who find $379 to be a big amount on a Canon Powershot, there are other options for you as well. Sony Bloggie Live is another camera that shoots in 1080p HD. It some with some amazing features like wi-fi which allows you to stream your vlog live if you want to. This is the one advantage that makes it superior and within the budget for a vlogger.

Picking out the right digital camera is very essential for quality vlogging. Apart from all the other equipment you must pick your digital camera smartly only once you are convinced that you have found the features that you need. It is no news that a digital camera is a costly entity and some of us have to worry about the budget as well. Finding the right features in the right amount should be your motive. Search for the list of top 10 best vlogging cameras and pick out the one which gives you the best features while keeping your budget intact.

72-inch Tripod – $18.95

Shooting without a tripod is like a cake without icing. It is a very essential instrument for a vlogger to get quality images and shooting a stable video. Pick up a tripod no matter which camera you are using to enhance your vlogging and make it more professional.

Fotodiox Pro Octagon Softbox – $56.95

A vlogger always has to depend on the lighting to make a shot perfect. If you are not comfortable letting the nature decide the quality of light you want to shoot with then some outside help is not a bad option. For good lighting and effects you can use a Softbox. It is an affordable device and comes in quite handy.

>>> Click Here to Buy it Now on Amazon

Editing Software – $14.99 and up

Apart from all the equipment required for vlogging there is one other thing that you need to add the finishing touch to your end product. Editing software is something you cannot avoid to make your shot perfect. For those of you who use a Macbook or a Mac Computer can easily download iMovies editing tool costing $14.99. Ideally the editing software that you should be using are Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro for a perfect finishing touch. They might be a little expensive but they are worth their cost.
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How to generate sales with a high converting landing page

The online face of your business is the ‘Landing page’ and we want that the face of your business must be a smiling one. The landing page is the one which takes into the random users as well as turns them into the customer of your business, which generates the sales.The landing page is the most important tool for marketing your business and turning the leads into the sales of the product.No matter whether you have a Facebook landing page or the one embedded in your website, optimizing the landing page helps in generating the sales for the business from 10 percent to 50 percent. Here we will brief you about the what is landing page followed by how you can create one and how to generate sales with a high converting landing page.

What is a landing page?

A landing page is the exact what is sounds, means when the traffic turns to your website, it lands on the landing page. This traffic can be from anywhere, through syndication, advertising, searching, inbound-outbound marketing efforts or from any sources. If we need to ensure that the traffic turning to your business website must generate the sales, then it is important to work on the optimization level of the landing page. This action can include anything, from a free trail of the service, to the immediate product purchase, from giving the email address to the RSS feed subscription and many others. And now, we would move further talking about how to create a landing page.

How to create a landing page?

We have two main approaches for creating a landing page, which includes, manually by yourself or by hiring a professional web developer/ engaging in a third-party tool, like Wishpond. The optimal level of the landing page is a never-ending process, which includes the constant adjustments, testing and trialling. The best option is to go with a professional and paid web developer, which uses the optimized templates. But, before directly jumping to the paid developer, you have to ensure that the paid developers must use the sector-focused templates, because your target market is different from the target market of other businesses. Though, creating a landing page is an easy and simple process, yet a never-ending one. Even the third-party tool, like Wishpond helps in creating the landing pages easily and optimizes them.

How to generate sales with a high converting landing page?

A Unique USP and a Killer Headline: The very first thing which is important to decide is the USP, that is the Unique Selling Point of your product. It is the major part of the landing page, which helps in setting up your business perfectly apart from the other businesses. It is that part of your business, which only you have and helps you stand apart from others. Your landing page needs to be attractive and engaging with your customers. It must be created in such a way that within less than a second your product convince the visitors and turn them into your customers. The USB with the image of the product attracts more visitors. A headline is the major cause of attention for the visitors to your website. So, it is must have interesting and understanding headline to your landing page, which can grab the visitors’ attention.

Appealing graphic, image or video: If your landing page will include appealing graphics or videos or images, it will grab more visitors and there are more chances to turn them into your customers. These significantly help in communicating more with the visitors than the text. So, if you have an interesting product, then do ensure to use its image on the landing page. This significantly helps in increasing the visual appeal of the landing page as well as encouraging the reputation of your business. It is recommended to use different types or styles of images for the target audience of your business and track the conversions of your sales carefully.

Choosing a solid CTA: CTA is the Call-to-Action variable, which is one of the most important for the landing page for your business. A landing page is the tool for attracting the user’s attention and the center of focus of your landing page is the CTA. Make the CTA of the landing page appealing, clear and contrasting in order to make it a successful landing page, which generate sales. It is important to have a single-focused landing page.

Include the Benefits in short: It is important to include the benefits of your product or business to the visitors in brief and short. Within less than 5 seconds, the headline of your landing page grabs the user’s attention and engage them further. It is important to mention the benefits in short, so that your landing page gets the desired action. Give your landing page a little more information and engage the visitors by telling them what you have different to offer them from your competitors.

If you are serious about increasing the sales of your business, then you need to know how to generate sales with a high converting landing page. If you will have a highly optimized landing page for your targeted audience, then it will give you more visitors, but it is you, who have to make your landing page appealing, engaging and clear, so that it helps with the authentic leads.
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GetResponse Landing Pages VS HubSpot Landing Pages

If you really want your website to do something good for you, then you need to have an attractive and informative landing page. There are numerous software as well as tools, which are available online in order to help the website developers in creating a beautiful landing page. The two best-known competitors, include GetResponse and HubSpot, which are significantly used for creating amazing invoking landing pages. Before heading forward with the difference between the two, let us discuss in brief about the importance of having an awesome landing page.

The importance of having a good Landing Page

The first face of any product or the website is the landing page. Most of the companies significantly focuses on creation of awesome landing pages, giving detailed views about the products or the services. Also, the landing page helps in collecting the vest valuable details about the customers, including the email id, contact number and much more. So, it is quite important to have an attractive landing page for the products and the websites.

GetResponse Landing Page

Marketers believe that GetReponse Landing Page is the best among all the landing page creators. It is simple, easy-to-use and popular among them because of its appealing templates. Whether an expert or a novice marketer, GetResponse always remains to be their first choice.

Features of GetResponse
  • The design of the templates is the most amazing feature of GetResponse as they are designed in a beautiful manner. Also, it features WYSIWYG editor, which help the marketers and developers in drag-and-drop the things easily in order to make everything look beautiful. It helps in creating the best and the most irresistible landing pages as well as allows publishing in one click. It does allow the landing page publishing to the your own domain as well as on the free domain provided by GetResponse. Marketers and developers can even publish their created landing pages on the social media as well.
  • The feature of A/B split testing helps in determining the response of the visitors on your beautiful and stunningly designed landing pages. It even allows the developers with split testing of landing pages in 5 different variants so as to help them in checking the best working landing page.
  • GetResponse of the best solution when it is about the total email marketing and even it is true because it helps in providing the perfect reports about its analytics. So, it has got the best features, and that is, software integration, which significantly helps in integrating the landing pages with the social networks as well as the social media websites and the Google Analytics.
  • All the landing pages created by GetResponse are of a highly responsive design or we can say 100 percent mobile friendly. All the templates provided by it easily adjusts on different viewing platforms.
  • One of the easiest landing page software is the GetResponse as it helps in providing the learning videos with the training manuals and the downloadable manuals and much more. It makes it easy for the creator to use the software with these stuffs. Thus, it has a great feature of its usability and even it allows to connect with the customer support any time.
  • The pricing for opting the GetResponse service starts with $15 per month and the basic plan is limited with maximum 1000 contacts.

HubSpot Landing Page

Another one we have is the HubSpot landing page, which is the second best solution for inbound marketing. It does provide the best-quality landing pages for attracting more traffic to the website. It provides the developers and marketers with automated and the responsive templates for creating the landing pages.

  • HubSpot is a place which is loaded with numerous stunning template designs, which attracts the visitors easily. It even allows the transforming of the templates easy to give it a new look. Most of the templates can be easily customized, but it is difficult to customize some of the inbuilt markup in the modules.
  • The feature of A/B Split Testing helps in overlooking the visitors’ response on the website and HubSpot helps in split testing with landing pages in 2 variants. It significantly helps in choosing among the 2 variants of landing pages, which works the best for your website.
  • It helps in integrating the landing pages easily with the Google Analytics, social media websites as well as the social networking pages and sites. Thus, it has an amazing feature of software integration, where all the performance reports can be easily collected and the users can check all the things.
  • The HubSpot landing pages are of a highly responsive design as they easily adjust themselves on different devices, different viewing platforms, including laptops, iPads, smartphones and others.
  • The HubSpot landing page creator is quite simple as well as easy to use. It provides numerous visual options for helping the developers and marketers in better understanding about the usage of its tools. Thus, the usability feature of HubSpot is one of the best as it allows the developers in using every tool effectively with full effect as well as manages the content well with the organized campaigns.
  • The pricing of the HubSpot landing page builder is quite expensive as compared to GetResponse because it starts with a minimum of $200 for the services.


Both the landing page creators, HubSpot and GetResponse give a tough fight to each other, but in terms of features, GetResponse is the leading one. Also, the pricing of GetResponse landing page creator is a lot cheaper than that of HubSpot landing page creator. HubSpot lacks in features like customization of the inbuilt modules and thus, GetResponse leads here as well. The loading speed of the GetResponse landing pages is fast as compared to the HubSpot landing pages, which often slow down at times. So, now, it upto you guys, to choose the best one for you.
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6 Simple Ways Students Can Make Money Online

Are you one of those students who are wasting their precious time chatting on social media, online gaming, etc.? I really feel sorry for myself when I look back into my past, when I was a student because I wasted my 2 years in chatting and hanging out with my friends. And I really don’t want the same for you guys. So, I am here today with the best and simple ways students can make money online.

I regret that why I didn’t utilized those 2 years in blogging, because it happened to be 5 years back and that too was unplanned. Though, I proved myself successful, but those 2 years would have earned me more fame. But still, I am satisfied that I am out of all those uneventful activities now and earning well for my livelihood. Many of my friends are still wasting their precious time in chatting and other useless online activities.

If we start calculating how much time we people spend online, then it would be average of 1000-1200 hours per year and what you have got? You remained empty handed even after a year. This is the major reason why I recommend and advise all my friends to achieve their goals first and think bigger. Online gaming and chatting on social media is not only the thing left in this world. And now even the students and housewives can easily earn money online.

Creating YouTube Videos

Many of you must have heard about YOUTUBE, the most popular online video channel. It is the first word which comes to our mind, when we talk about the ‘BEST ONLINE VIDEO BROADCASTING’. If you eagerly want to earn money, then YouTube is the ideal place where you can easily do video blogging, create Video Tutorials as well as can monetize the same using Adsense. Its just not pays for the ad clicks, but even for the video views. But for earning money through YouTube, you need to have a partnership program with them and it is problematic for those who live in those countries which don’t have a YouTube partnership program.


Blogging is one of the easiest ways for students to earn money online because a blog can be created on any specific niche. But, after creating a blog, you have to wait for minimum 2 to 3 months for getting the attention of the audience. Many bloggers get disheartened because they don’t get attention and thus stop blogging. It is my personal experience that when I started blogging, I did not get attention from the audience for the first few months, but I still worked out. It is advised to not leave blogging at any moment and start posting minimum one post a day.


People who love writing can do freelancing, which specifically means ‘to write for others’. Writing high quality articles will get you paid more and it is one of the best options for students as well as for housewives to earn money who loves to write.

Squidoo or Hubpages

Squidoo and Hubpages are the two leading websites associated with blogging and many people do consider it for earning money as these allow the users in monetizing their quality written articles with Adsense. Users are allowed to write on any topic on these blogging websites. Let me tell you that after publishing your article on these two blogging websites, if your article considered to be the most professional one, then you will receive thousands of views, which will help in increasing traffic to Adsense. It is worth considering if you have an approved Adsense account. It is the best option for those people who are not interested in building their own blog from the beginning and even for those who don’t want to do SEO.

Data Entry Jobs

After blogging and creating YouTube videos, data entry jobs is another popular option for students and housewives to earn money easily by being at home. All the data is provided where the user just needs to type the text by removing all the mistakes as well as correcting the article format and much more. Though it is quite boring at times, but still an option which is worth considering.

Affiliate Marketing

It is one of the simplest ways to make money online. It refers to the promotion of certain products as well as the services to the customers. For instance, I bought a product from Amazon and recommended to my friend. And I ask my friend to buy the product with my reference. So, when my friend would buy the product, Amazon will pay me certain percentage of the purchase, which is commonly known as a commission. This chain continues.

So, these are the best options and the simple ways students can make money online. But for earning money, you need to stop wasting your precious time on online gaming, chatting, hanging out with friends, etc. I am not saying that just give it a full stop, but start utilizing your time efficiently and effectively. I do hope that these ways will bring some awesome experience for you in earning money.
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